LA to SINGAPORE and beyond ... / by Stephen Laurence Harvey

March trip to the USA / LA was awesome - Highlight : Seeing my sons & tribe of the utmost importance. Low point : Lost my Phone in Atlanta so that was major headache but Mercury was in retrograde and it's been chaotic in many ways so one must take the madness in one's stride and "breath" through it all. Highlights of the trip : Nominjin project developing incredibly well ... so grateful for all the creative ventures coming together beautifully in divine order - Women of Wonder / Give Back will soon be a 501C for non profit organization. Now in Singapore for SingJazz festivals . new iPhone in effect so I am back and will be sharing materials from the festival over the coming weekend. 

Robot Nature 1 (1 of 1).jpg

Robot Nature

shot a music video & stills on my "brother from another mothers" project ...Robot Nature / "Loves so bizarre" - will be sharing soon.