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vision,mission, purpose 

"Give Back" has become a call to action raising awareness and inspiring others to give back, it has become an anthem to awaken our hearts and minds 

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In 2015 a star studded cast of Indonesia's most treasured talents came together to create the first official recording and music video of "Give Back". Madam Noor Traavik spouse to the Ambassador to Norway and the head of her own charity "VOICE OF CHILDREN" appointed UNICEF-INDONESIA as the sole benefactor to collect and distribute all monies raised through GIVE BACK INDONESIA. 



         Left to right : Ralin Shaw / Saharani / Gita Gutawa / Madam Noor / Joe Taslim / Tita / Reza the Groove

         Left to right : Ralin Shaw / Saharani / Gita Gutawa / Madam Noor / Joe Taslim / Tita / Reza the Groove


Indonesia has around 85 million children, or one-third of the national population, The situation of children and women in Indonesia has made substantial improvement over recent years, however there are still alarmingly high levels of both extreme poverty (14.5 percent) and moderate poverty (48.7 percent). We can do a lot more as a community to ensure that children are better protected and cared for. Investing in the future generation should be our highest priority to build a better future for all mankind. 

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Give Back Singapore

With the support of Evgeny Tugolukov an enternenuer & philanthropist / David Smith co founder of The SIngJazz Festival SLH would create a unique version of Give Back featuring the top artists, musicians and entertainers in the region. The local charity MILK (mainly I love kids) featured the launch of music video at their annual gala dinner at the Ritz Carlton where each year they raise upwards of 2 million dollars to support MILK



SLH is pictured here with some of the children from MILK who performed GIVE BACK live alongside cast members from the recording 

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Give Back Jamaica

2017 we kicked off the third version of Give Back with appearances from several top international reggae acts, the incredible ... Sizzla + Ky-Mani Marley sounding eerily like his father the late great Bob Marley's. The incredibly soulful Taurus Riley the legendary Dean Frasier / Etana and one of Jamaica's newest rising stars Queen Kamarla Plans are underway to add more before completion. High on the wish list ...Stephen Marley also son of the legendary Bob Marley. 

Tuff Gong Studios Kingston, Jamaica

tuff gong sessions 

We had the honour of recording and filming at Tuff Gong studios in Kingston, the studios where Bob created a body of work that still dominates the airwaves to this day. Kingston is a music mecca and home to many of the biggest international reggae stars in the world. 

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clothing line

Merchandise will soon be available to purchase at our GIVE BACK ONLINE STORE and plans are being laid to open a flagship store in the village of UBUD, BALI where all goods will be made from sustainable materials. A portion of the profit from all sales will be used to support children's causes. 


GIVEBACK clothing designed by SLH, Clean lines with the focus on COMFORT & STYLE made with organic cotton / linen / Bamboo and Balinese Rayon fabrics




We are currently in talks with several territories laying plans for future recordings of GIVE BACK...

The Philippines / India / Cuba / Thailand / Australia / several territories in the middle east and of course the UK and USA are on the list.


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2018 ...

The Philippines

commencing spring / summer of 2018, SLH and local Artists in Service in the Philippines will commence recording and filming a unique version of GIVE BACK. The Filipino society is rich with raw talent artistry.  The music video will additionally feature the beauty and culture the country has to offer, whilst highlighting the many areas where children could use our assistance to improve the quality of their lives.  

THE YPAC ORPHANS / BALI - I was asked to film these incredible children one afternoon as guests of the PAN PACIFIC NIRWANA Bali. They create these amazing paintings as a collective, sometimes 4 kids painting together on one canvas and the paintings sell in the region of 1500 usd each with prints going for 150 usd each. This is an amazing way for these children as a family to support each other, both financially and spiritually. They may all have some form of physical disability but it was incredible to expereince how joyful they were and full of light and creativity. I edited the video to a song I wrote about giving called BIGGER.