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After The Fire

A documentary telling the story of the 2018 Malibu fires and how the residents of this coastal paradise dealt with this epic natural disaster. A story about the spirit and soul of a community which is home to some of the most creative people on the planet.

I've been fortunate to call Malibu home for many years. This is a one minute clip taken from a longer version that's in the works which features the beauty of this 21 mile stretch of coastline in Southern California. Malibu also happens to be home to some of the most creative, artistic people on the planet. 


RENMAN productions present SINGJAZZ TV : Artist spotlight on GREGORY PORTER

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Gregory Porter

SLH shot directed and produced this in depth interview with the two time grammy winner Gregory Porter as he discusses his musical influences growing up, the driving force behind his music, and of what we can expect from him in the near future.

Shot on Location at the "St.Regis Hotel, Singapore"





Cockfighting is an ancient Balinese tradition and although the government officially frowns upon it, for the male inhabitants of Bali it is an integral part of their daily lives. Cockfights were originally held as part of a religious ceremony TABUH RAH and are normally staged in the village temples, and are held to expel evil spirits.

Over time the ceremonies have transitioned into an unofficial national sport, much the same way cockfighting has done in neighboring countries like the Phillippines and Thailand. Cockfights are typically clandestine and off limits to foreigners and outsiders. Cockrel ... the movie gives you a glimpse into a world inaccessible to most.


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Raul Midón

SLH shot directed and produced this reportage on the incredibly gifted Raul Midón during his 2017 visit to perform at SIngJazz. Raul discusses a range of topics and shares news and thoughts on his latest album project... "BAD ASS AND BLIND"

Shot on location at the "Marina Bay Sands Hotel"

RenMan Productions presents SingJazzTv spotlight on Raul Midón

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Little India KL

"On my first trip to Kuala Lumpur with an afternoon to kill, I decided to walk the streets of downtown little India shooting whatever caught my eye. The local vendors were all very friendly and happy to be filmed, which is not always the case. I sampled the amazing food on offer (wished I could've eaten in more than one place as it all looked so delicious) I was eventually invited to tea and a chat with a very cool elderly gentlemen and we spent an hour or so discussing a range of topics. It was a fine day, great vibes from everyone there. I highly recommended a visit if your ever in the neighbourhood." SLH

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The North Sea

The North East of Scotland has many scenic villages and towns scattered along its rugged coastline. Newton Hill, just north of the town Stonehaven is one such nook. The temperatures get close to zero in this part of the world during the winter months, but a hike around the cliffs and down to the rocks to take in the scenery and watch the powerful North sea waves pound the shore is still an awesome sight to behold, and never gets old to me.