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Brenda Russell

Grammy award winning Artist and songwriter Brenda Russell a WOW who has written for legendary mega star artists in the music industry the likes of Aretha Franklin / Chaka Khan / Dionne Warwick / Patti Labelle / Al Jarreau / Sting / Tina Turner / Stevie Wonder and many more. Brenda also won a Tony Award for her involvement in Oprah's broadway musical THE COLOUR PURPLE


Ibu Robin Lim


Ibu Robin Lim

Robin Robin Lim is a midwife and founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat health clinics, which offer free prenatal care, birthing services and medical aid to anyone who needs it. Robin was awarded the CNN Hero of the year award in 2012 and is a staunch advocate for Women and children's rights around childbirth.

"Spending time around Robin I could not help but feel overwhelmed and touched by her loving heart. She never stops going or sits still for very long. She gives of herself all day, everyday. It was an honour to be around this Woman of Wonder"  ... Stephen Laurence Harvey


Alejandra De Luca

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Alejandra DeLuca

Ali is a healer and leader at Manifesting Success & Wellness with over 21 years of experience as an International Seminar Speaker, Energy Therapist, Motivational speaker, and Consultant with Pranic Healing. She is a Certified Senior Pranic Healer, and also holds classes in guided meditation. 



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Erica Ford

CEO and Founder of LIFE, Camp Inc.

“This is not a job, this is my LIFE; my undying love keeps me committed to my people until my glory day takes me away.”
 Erica Ford


Sharon Rose

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Sharon Rose

The Mystical Sharon Rose author of Quantum Chi Gong. Sharon's full interview undiluted truly embodies the essence of what the Women of Wonder movement represents.


Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt L.Ac,PhD.

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Kathleen Rosenblatt 

Dr Kathleen shares her history, wisdom and insights from her home and practice in Bel Air, Los Angeles, Ca. USA. and shows us why she is a Woman of Wonder.